Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The rot within

It is clear why those that hate Western Civilization do so: from reading our newspapers, watching our news reports on cable, and listening to the various factions of the left, that the United States and it's western allies have degenerated to a corrupt and dehumanizing cesspool not only worthy of disdain and hatred, but in need of good moral humans to destroy it.

It has become the moral imperative of the left and their anti-West allies to destroy the pus filled corpse of western civilization before it infects the rest of the otherwise peaceful and sane world.

No other explanation supports the idea that attacking the US with a force of machete-wielding, lone attacking, suicide-bombing supporters AND winning is possible. Can the left and their western-hating allies reasonably believe that defeat of the United States is possible? Not without the anti-US support of the media. All they needed to do was inflict a little damage (93, Cole, Kobar) and wait til the anti-west media and their liberal supporters began to blame, not the attackers, but the US for causing the conditions in the first place. Then it would be a simple matter of upping the ante and send some body bags back for the media to wring it's hands over.

In a conversation online last night I said that the problem is not the terrorists, it is the anti-West media and liberals that AGREE with them that the US is worse than Hitler, worse than Saddam, is in fact the largest threat to peace and stability. Such rot is what the fanatics of Moslem hoped for. It is the self-hatred of the left that gives aid and comfort to the anti-West fanatics that what they are doing is not political, but moral.

Can anyone suggest any other reason why giving prisoners three-square and a bed and medical care and religious freedom should be more heinous than the decapitating and torture of two soldiers?

There are always monsters in the dark outside, only when those in safety question their right to that safety do the monsters get invited in as honored guests.

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