Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And what will we do?

Item 1: 16,900 murders were committed in the United States last year.

Item 2: Politicians and bureaucrats have been found to be so corrupt that the shear scope baffles their 'colleagues'.

Item 3: $1.4 Billion is found to have been fraudulently spent from Katrina relief funds.

Item 4: The Marines are investigating a Marine serving overseas for writing a song some have claimed is offensive.

Item 1: There were no daily reports, no demands to withdraw police.
Item 2: Didn't anyone notice a secretary buying three houses?
Item 3: When this first was suggested to be occurring, we were racists, now we are just poorer
Item 4: The investigation is offensive. There are WAY too many people with a pea under the mattress.

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