Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In support of our troops

How can I make you understand that the appeasement going on behind your lines is a very vocal but irrelevant minority? The person most important to your mission stood on the same soil you serve on. The second most important people to your mission are those you serve with. They are your third eye, your 6th sense.

The next most important people to your mission is your family. With very few exceptions, they stand for the National Athem, are there when you call, send you those extra few necessities that make days of heat and dust a little more bearable.

Finally, the least important people to your mission are the appeasers, those that proclaim false sensitivity to every absurd and vulgar claim of offense. Unfortunately, I know that it is these appeasers, these false sympathizers that you hear most about. I would apologize for them but they are beyond apology.

Your continued service makes a mockery of their very being, it is the reason they protest too much. If politicians and pundits were to be held to the same standards of behavior they claim is appropriate to you, they would find themselves in stocks before the first nightfall.

Remember, the important people to your mission support you unconditionally. And many, many of us outside your chain of support, honor and support your mission.

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