Thursday, May 12, 2005

Speaking of witch...

It wasn't really...she was a he and he was a creditor but his opinion as a "banker" was:

"People should be made to get rid of their stuff and pay their debts. It is too easy to file bankruptcy, this was a long time coming. They don't need cable or cell phones, or boats, or guns or more than one car, or more than one TV."

He was dumbstruck when I told him we would be recommending to all clients with cars less than 2.5 years old to surrender them. Given his attitude, he should not be surprised when debtors start returning cars, boats, furniture...houses...

A conversation with another Trustee was also interesting. We told him that we would be filing two sets of personal property lists. One exempt and the other not. He didn't understand why we would. I said, as long as the requirement to value personal property at retail existed, too much of the wildcard exemption would be needed to protect household goods. Easier to pick a stack to surrender to the Trustee than to lose otherwise exemptable goods that debtors really want to keep. He said, "what do I want with a bunch of worthless goods?". We smiled and said, offer them to credit card companies as recompense.

Got it?!

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