Monday, May 30, 2005

Opinion - Hello, Republicans? YOU IDIOTS

You will not know what hit you and that will make it twice as bad.

I believe that the GOP is going to lose the Senate in 06, if it does not, the count will be 52-48. Worse, they are likely to lose seats in the House also, I am less willing to specify a number there however.

While the Democrats are losing ground on the Judge issue, spending has gotten so out of control that many are wishing a return to Democratic control just to cut some of the pork. When Democrats give 50 projects with price tags of $1-5 million, we lament the stupidity of some of them, but when Republicans green light only 5 projects - with price tags of $50 million EACH....Come on....both sides of the aisle are giving away our tax dollars like it was candy...the Dems used shovels, but the Repugs are using SKIP LOADERS!

There is NO indication that the GOP is making even the slightist nod towards fiscal restraint.

And the bankruptcy law change and their unwillingness to reign in Freddie and Fannie, show that they are TRULY more pro-business than they are pro-responsibility.

Presidential Race, 2008: Check out Polipundit, I like the analysis

Both parties should just put it in their by-laws, Senators can not run for President.

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