Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Opinion - May Rant #2

Americans are idiots. Sorry, how else to explain politicians.

Ok, that is too harsh. Politicians THINK Americans are idiots. First....it seems everyone is up in arms about the Senate filibuster. The Repugs want to end it (supposedly) and the Demo-crats whine about tradition. First...when was the last time anyone of either party actually DID a filibuster? The last couple of years it has only been a threat....

Second: 10 years ago when the Stock Market was screaming, Demo-crats wanted private accounts for Social Security....now they are strongly opposed?

Third: Repugs think Hillary Clinton is the candidate for the Demo-crats in 2008. Don't know why they are worrying, they don't have anyone that could beat Paul Wellstone in a race in 2008.

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