Friday, December 05, 2008


Every time a group of Moslems engage in a heinous act, we are told that the vast majority of Moslems are peace loving and not terrorists. Every time a group of Moslems slaughter innocents, we are told that American policies contributed to the environment that lead to the mindset of the murders.

I look at Moslem nations that treat women as property. I look at Moslem nations that do not honor or even consider individual freedoms and liberties.

I look at nations where large numbers of Moslems have remained separate from the society they live in; have asked for, or demanded, recognition of Sharia law even when it directly contradicts the law of the surrounding society.

Everywhere I look, Moslem communities are violent and self-segregated. Fathers and sons killing daughters and sisters. Mumbai was savage if you can believe the reports, and given the history of beheadings, acid throwing and hangings, it is EASY to believe.

Entire nations cheer the murders. Entire societies encourage the hate, the cruelty, the murder.

I am going to take a position my Christian friends espouse: hate Islam, not the Moslem.

Either 1.1 billion Moslems rise up and take their religion back from the murders, or I will support the marginalization - the isolation - of any 'infected' communities.

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