Thursday, December 06, 2007

NIE = Not intelligent enough

Just a short note. The NIE is a steaming pile of crap.

Either the authors are a bunch of idiots or they think the readers of their report are. In either case, they need to be given all the respect their work deserves.....

UPDATE: Sunday, 10:26pm

After skipping all news for the last 36 hours, I spent the last one catching up on posts. I need to indicate that I am totally disgusted. After reading more commentary on the NIE and the Annapolis Conference, it is clear to me that a significant portion of our State Department, the CIA, the Congress, journalists and our fellow Americans are either hopelessly naive or dangerously stupid.

Given the serious disconnect those on the left apparently have with the reality I see daily, I have no choice but to wonder if it is drugs or some brainwashing indoctrination system that I safely avoided driving the opposition to the GWOT and peace for Israel.

Every time I think it might actually be ME that is disconnected with reality that the left sees clearly, something happens to confirm that it is I that view reality correctly. Today on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams, responding to the Rommey speech on Thursday, said that he couldn't understand how anyone could say that religion was being forced out of public life and that it was clear Rommey was calling for a Christian government. HUH? How many communities have Holiday trees and ban Nativity scenes? Dozens, hundreds? Maybe the count is 10,000 with Christmas and 200 without....but those are 10,000 Bedford Falls and 200 Metropolis'.

I have said before that there is a serious breach in the reality the left and right share...unfortunately, that breach will not prevent a disaster from reaching all of us....

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