Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A moderate mainstream review

I chose the name for this blog to indicate to the readers my belief that over the long term, my point of view was similar to a moderate, cross-section of the US population. I don't live that far from Peoria.

I am a fiscal conservative. I am a social liberal. I think many, most, Americans would fit that general description.

So, to our Republican candidates for President:

Governor Mitt Romney. Sir, your experience as a business person, a cat herder (Olympics) and as a governor gives you a strong leg up on the competition. Unfortunately, I think you might be a candidate for poster child of the Peter Principle. President will elevate you to the highest position you are incapable of. Political life requires an ability to compromise and you have shown that ability as Governor. Unfortunately, we have problems that compromise will only make worse. The GWOT requires a strong position that is not swayed by opinion, either public or private. I do not trust you understand this. Illegal immigration is a problem you can not turn your back on or leave it up to others to police. I respect your faith, but your religion is a problem for me. I know something of the doctrine of Mormonism and frankly, I am not impressed. Understand, for many DIFFERENT reasons, I would be opposed to a Moslem running for President, but a belief in Mormonism calls into question your ability to reasonably judge and analyze facts.

Governor Mike Huckabee. Sir, many of my comments to Governor Rommney apply to you. Compromise is a necessary political skill. But as your faith should inform, giving up on your principles does more harm than good. I think giving people a second chance, or even a first chance is admirable, but you need to understand that evil exists and it often takes to form of an angel of light. Criminals and illegal immigrants come from the same cloth - a willingness to violate the law for their own benefit. Our adversaries in the GWOT do not even ascribe to the same set of morals, let alone laws, we do. Giving them the benefits of those morals is handing a gun to a murder and turning your back on him.

Senator John McCain. Sir, I hold you in the deepest regard. Your service to your country in the military and in the Senate are worthy of the respect of every American. But, your positions with regard to illegal immigration and campaign finance are damaging to all of us. I am also very uncomfortable with your apparent willingness to subvert our judicial appointment process with your gang of 14. I believe you are the strongest candidate with regard to the GWOT. However, your position with regard to illegal immigration damages that perception. I might be willing to support you for President if you were paired with someone like Tom Tancredo as VP.

Former Senator Fred Thompson. Sir, I support your positions on many issues. However, civil unions are fundamental issue with me and we disagree. Leave the states to make the rules in this regard, keep the Federal Government out of it. Your lack of overall experience is a problem. You benefit from the fact that your experience level is comparable to the experience level of the most likely Democratic opponent. Given a choice between relative inexperience, I will take your positions and fundamental beliefs over theirs (democrats).

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Sir, I once was an air traffic controller. I performed very well when we were busy, less so when we were slow. Under pressure we often see the best of people and on 9/11, we saw the best of you. But, the President must deal with the day to day issues that face us when the only pressure is which group favors a particular outcome. In this way, you fail. Your behavior with regard to your former wife was reprehensible. And it was very public. Further, the problems with political compromise are showcased with you. The Presidency is not the prize for a popularity contest - or it shouldn't be - and based on what I have seen, it is the only reason you are considered a viable candidate, and it should not be.

Others: No one else in the field appears ready for prime time. I am very willing to consider other potential candidates and THAT is a problem for the current field. They are benefiting from the comparison to the Democratic field which is as poor, if not worse, than the Republican field.

In considering every candidate, both parties, I can say that the entire field leaves A LOT to be desired. If this is the best our 'political' class can field for President of the United States, the fall of Western civilization is further along than many might be willing to admit.

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