Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sectarian? Actually, religious war...

There has been much made over the Rumsfeld speech and the military report on Iraq over the last several days and I wanted to add a few words.

First: sectarian violence. This is members of one sect of Islam killing members of another sect of Islam. It is exactly the same as Protestants killing Catholics. What you say? Protestants are not killing Catholics? Yes, well, they were in Ireland. The scale is smaller but I don't recall the MSM calling it civil war....maybe the scale has something to do with it. The actual point I want to make is that the "sectarian violence" in Iraq is not calling for a split of the country. We do not hear of 'spokesmen' saying that if the Sunnis get their own country, they will stop killing people. We do not hear of Shite 'spokesmen' saying that if they get their own country, free of Sunnis, they will stop killing people. Hell, we don't even hear Kurdish 'spokesmen' saying if they get their own country...well, they are not killing anyone so what's the worry there. There is no civil war, there is ongoing religious based mass murder. Quit calling it sectarian makes it sound so, clinical. Call it what it is, Islamic violence. This is about two groups of Moslems killing each other over who has the right God sense. There is nothing civil about it.

Second. Fourteen of the eighteen provinces in Iraq are generally speaking, quiet. No more dying is going on in those provinces than goes on in Washington, New York, Detroit or Los Angeles on any particular day. The four provinces still fighting battles are those that were predominately Sunni controlled. Gee, surprise. Of course, we are not exactly on great terms with Shites..given their fawning over Iran. Still, there does appear to be a real political life in Iraq and we need to be more on that side than any other.

Third. Bush lied crowd: grow up. Joe Wilson has been so discredited, I surprised Mastercard hasn't hired him. No plan to win: we won already. The war to dispose Saddam was won and accomplished. Getting Iraq to the point of stability and ability to defend itself, we're working on it. Takes time.

Fourth. War on terror. I keep hearing that the left agrees we have a war on terror. However, their suggestions on how to deal with it all seem to revolve around talking to our friends and talking to our 'enemies' (and we shouldn't call them that because it just makes them mad and more prone to being angry...). Talking is so great....If we could have just talked to Atta...maybe he would have landed instead.

Last: Powell convinced the rest of the Administration that France was on board, right before France appeased Saddam. Rice convinced the rest of the Administration that France was on board, right before France appeased the Arabs. Does anyone else think that the State Department should get billing as the latest reincarnation of the home of the body snatchers? I want to know: does the State Department cafeteria only serve Perrier?

Victoria has been listening to Air America a lot over the last 10 days or so...therefore, of course, so have I. If Air America is any indication of the current mentality of the left, half this country has already surrendered.

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