Thursday, April 07, 2005

Opinion - Credit Card Companies and Responsibility

Bankruptcy reform is predicated on the need to restore balance to a system of credit unbalanced by easy access to bankruptcy by consumers - bull shit.

As a business extending credit, do you not consider the ability to pay as a fundamental criteria before loaning? Do you not consider the overall financial condition of the borrower? Do you not consider the potential for filing bankruptcy by the borrower as one factor in determining an appropriate risk/rate?

What? You don't? Oh dear, let the government protect you from your stupidity. Better yet, let the government pay for the collection of funds you lent and can not collect because the law protects borrowers from predatory excessive fees, extreme interest rates and criteria not associated with the original loan....oh DOESN'T protect borrowers....well, that's ok, billions are being lost and that just has to stop.....hummm....billions are not being lost....well, then...less is being made than could be....there!

There is a reason the bankruptcy reform act is being referred to as BARF.

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