Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are the one!

When a child thinks they are destined for great things, we smile and encourage them work hard for their goals.

When an adult thinks they are destined for great things, we look at their efforts, their achievements on the path to that anticipated destiny and compare them to their goal. When we see athletes working hard every day, competing and winning, their dream of Olympic Gold - their dream of being the best in the world - we cheer them on and marvel at the great things they will, and are accomplishing.

But when we see no hard work, no hitting of smaller goals that lead to the larger goal, then we (if we are polite) smile and move on. If we are honest with them, we tell them that their effort will not lead to great things and destiny will be forever outside their grasp.

When those adults get angry and proclaim 'it is their destiny' because THEY are different, they don't have to work, they don't need a history of accomplishments, that THEY have DIVINE support....then we consider them either idiots or delusional, or both.

Barack Obama has no accomplishments, no effort in his background. He may have won, but he is not, THE ONE. And when he surrounds himself with equally delusional staff, the delusional MSM keeps proclaiming, he is THE ONE, because HE WON...then we have a delusional idiot running the country with delusional idiots cheering him on.

Maybe it is because many people are not destined to do great things (either because they have no desire, energy or goal) that they want to be seen as part of someone else's destiny. We see it with sports fans that become so integrated into a team's winning that everything else is irrelevant. And when the team loses, the fan feels betrayed, let down - they have had their share of the great destiny stolen from them. Obama's fans are going to (already starting to) feel betrayed.

Soon, very soon, it will be as obvious to the rest of the country and world that Obama is not failing, he never had a chance - he never gave the goal the effort necessary. His destiny was handed to him without the effort. Obama may in fact have a new destiny - not of his explicit choosing. He may be destined to be the most ineffectual, worst President in our history. For that destiny, he is working hard and hitting all the mileposts...

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