Sunday, October 04, 2009


I have been dealing with three different political issues that are not things I can change (ha!) or even necessarily address, but they are creating disturbances in the Force!

First. The left has been trying to smear the Tea Party movement with racism charges almost since the beginning. There are always fringe elements in politics. We have accused the left because of them, so we are getting the same treatment. However, the difference is that mainstream leftists have a tendency to accept the fringe element as the 'speaking truth to power'. We need to disavow the right fringe, but we have a problem. What IS the fringe? Ignore the stupid 'hitler' bunch - most of them are Lefty Democrat LaRouches that are opposing Obama because he is black. Sometimes, the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

My problem is the ID/Creationist wing of the the Right. ID is NOT science. It is saying that what can't be explained is obviously the result of 'intelligent design'. The problem is that we are imbeciles. We have two chapters of the book of life and think we KNOW something of the Universe. We have one example of life on a planet and think that we can point to a universe of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets similar to ours and KNOW anything. Two thousand years ago, we were the center of the Universe. A thousand years ago, demons inhabited the mentally ill - hell, that was 150 years ago. We think today we are the pinnacle of human evolution and knowledge but we infants in the Universe. Microscopic amoebas.

"Intelligent design" is the current age version of the pagans worshiping the Sun and nothing more.

I believe people NEED their belief systems. What I don't want and what we don't need is to use those belief systems to determine our secular systems. But it appears that is not possible for many on the Right. So it puts me in a quandary. I have argued that it is Conservative, in a founding fathers, individual rights way to promote individual liberty and responsibility, to limit government to those specific responsibilities outlined in the Constitution. That conserving traditions and allowing society to trump individual liberties is a classical conservative position that is INCOMPATIBLE with such an individual liberty political system.

We have two political parties that are illiterates, economically, scientifically and socially. To the Left, government can fix all our problems. To the Right, getting right with God takes care of the issues. Neither position lays the responsibility ON US, as individuals to do the adult things. Both want to use government to 'fix' us. The only difference is what fix will be forced upon the rest of us. All of what is wrong with capitalism has set the table for a nightmare banquet of financial disasters that will reduce our economy to ashes. However, the saviors of the Left, are going to take every disproven, failed policy ever tried in these situations and apply them at ten times the rate ever before tried and we are going to gorge ourselves on the carcass of our economy. The planet will suffer and it will take decades to recover.

We don't need an asteroid the size of Manhattan, or a swine-flu pandemic with 80% fatality rate, or aliens to come and destroy our society - we are doing everything in our power to do it to ourselves!

The right fix is for government to get out of the way. For the Left to stop trying to make us better people, for the Right to stop trying to makes us all, righteous people. Individual choice MEANS individual choice - to decide what each of us wants to do, even if everyone around is calling it 'wrong'.

The second political issue is 'others'. We have a couple morons running around creating havoc in their neighborhoods. First, we have Iran and the Taliban and the Saudi's. Either we impose our power and will on that part of the world, or we help Israel against all foes and otherwise get the hell out. I am opposed to pulling out - but Obama's dithering is killing people and WE have to call him on it. Further, Chavez is mucking up South America and needs to have his head handed to him. Playing some pathetic 'hands off' crap is going to create more problems, not solve any. The rest of the world could pretend to be morally superior to the US, wring it's hands at our obviously 'cowboy' ways because it KNEW we were going to in the end do the right thing alone and they could just smirk and relax. Well, we have a pansy, a ball-less wonder at the helm and he just might let the Europeans hang in the wind. Maybe it will wake them up, but I doubt it. The few that know the world is stable because WE take responsibility for it, will try to warn of the danger of a wimpy US, but others will think we finally are acting appropriately and wonder what hit them.

Finally, I am tired of the children running the insane asylum. There has to be a way to establish adulthood prior to anyone accepting (or being offered) any positions of authority. It is time this human race began to grow up, and I'd like to see it in my lifetime.

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