Friday, June 26, 2009

From one polluter to another....

Dear Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin:

Congratulations on your vote for the largest tax increase on the American Economy EVER! It will be great to see all the new jobs that Wisconsin will get building windmills and solar panels! I heard there is a big factory in Janesville available! And the BUREAUCRACY this bill will create should be good for at least 10,000 new jobs in Wisconsin to oversee the CO2 polluters adherence to government mandates - I did want to know if people that run will be taxed higher than people that walk...??

Oh, I just wanted to know your reading speed...1000 pages plus another 300! Amazing.
Can you tell me what part you found most interesting? The hampering of economic growth or the part where this law will reduce the TEMPERATURE of the know, more than the SUN has done in the last 8-9 years?

I am sure many of my fellow Wisconsin 2nd district citizens are going to be amazed at your explanation for higher electric bills, higher taxes and higher costs in general! After all, if Washington can't fix the economy, well, IT CAN'T.

I am extremely disappointed in your vote today - it was ill-informed and NOT beneficial to your constituents. But you probably got a thank you from Speaker Pelosi...right? I mean, she at least NODDED in your direction.

I am off to lower my carbon footprint....for 30 seconds or so as I hold my breath to stop from screaming at this message.

Your fellow Wisconsin 2nd district resident (oopppss - yea, I LIVE here....)
Tracy Coyle

too much snark?

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MYIdeas said...

Great Letter Hope we can Her out of office soon, I think she has made enough money from the specail interest people. D cook