Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tea Party Focus

There is much discussion going on all over the place concerning the focus of Tea Parties - I brought up the issue in last night's radio show.

1. Tea Parties got their start on the anger over the Stimulus Package size and the amount of pork AND the absolute uselessness of it to actually address the issues facing the economy. Therefore, government spending in general, and pork/stimulus spending in particular need to be a primary focus. But Congress can either tax or demand printing for any amount of spending they want to do so just focusing on the spending is not enough.

2. Three things:
a. Freeze government spending at 2008 levels. Any extra spending necessary comes out of next years budget
b. Taxes: A one year moratorium of Federal taxes. Then, a flat tax (I don't have a problem with the just announced GOP plan of two versions)
c. A movement to replace every Congressperson that voted for the bailouts (2008 and after) and/or the Stimulus bill regardless of party.

3. The above addresses spending, income and the judgment displayed (or failed to be displayed) in matching the two.

4. Two of the items have immediate actions (Freeze and moratorium) and long term planning actions: tax code change and elections.

Let's go.

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