Friday, March 20, 2009

Yea, what he said

Ok, regular readers (yea, right) know that I don't link too often. First off, I am too small a site to make any noticeable dent in someone's visits, but the primary reason is that I write here, for me. If people find it interesting, great.

Well, I have been saying for a long time that the gay community is it's own worst enemy and the Prop 8 issue in California is showing that in spades. In comments all around the blogosphere, you will hear gay people lamenting the activist gays apparent attempts at self destruction (self loathing?).

The idea that gay activists could stand up for Palestinians in the form of Hamas is so stunningly stupid that you have to wonder if it is actually alien provocateurs leading the community! No really. How could a gay activist support a group that would KILL THEM the second it got it's hands on them???

So, that said, I read a 'mainstream' blog today with a post that has said all that I have said, said it well, and gave it a big audience. So, you two over there, go read this.

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