Tuesday, April 08, 2008

MY positions

I am a Conservative. There are many misconceptions about that term and I thought I would offer something concrete. Do you agree? Or disagree?

At the state level:

1. Abortion:

* freely available until week 20;
* Week 20-24, with doctor opinion on the non-viability of the baby
* after week 24, limited - baby is non-viable or already deceased, no other reason.

2. Gay marriage:

* all state licenses are issued for civil unions of any 2 non-related adults;
* Marriage is a religious institution - marriage can be performed or denied by any religious institution. Marriage by itself - no license - is not recognized by the state

3. Taxes:

* Property taxes are limited to .20/100 and assessments are based on most recent sales price
* State income tax is limited to 5% on income that exceeds the state median
* Sales tax:
o State is limited to 8% on all goods and services except: food, energy and medicine
o Local is limited to 1% with same exemptions as state
o taxes are not used in support of or defense of local/state businesses

4. Limited Government:

* Departments or agencies that support a subsection of the population of the state are banned. Exceptions: education.
* Advertising by government agencies is a waste of taxpayer money - banned
* No agency of the government has a right of eminent domain for non-government use. Green space is not government use.
* No government position may have retirement benefits, except
o judges (in office more than 10 years);
o police officers
o fire department officers
o teachers.
* No agency, nor legislature of the state may limit or infringe upon the freedom of a resident or citizen:
o on or in their private property;

5. Citizenship:

* A citizen of Wisconsin is any legal resident of the United States that has resided in Wisconsin for at least 90 consecutive days
* A child born in Wisconsin of a non-citizen or non-resident is not a citizen or resident of Wisconsin
* Non-citizens, except for petitions for asylum or admitance, have no standing before a government agency

6. Personal responsibility:

* No citizen or resident of Wisconsin may call upon the resources of any other citizen or the State for their general welfare, to include:
o housing;
o food
* No citizen or resident of Wisconsin may, by expression of a character or physical trait call upon the resources of any other citizen or the state without their expressed consent;
* No citizen or resident of Wisconsin may, by expression of a character or physical trait limit the rights or freedoms of another citizen or resident without their expressed consent;

I recently had several long discussions on some of the above with others on the American Conservative Party website. If you would like more information, or have an interest, stop by the site by clicking on the logo ----> over there...

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