Friday, February 01, 2008


I just posted this in the comments on another site, and decided I need a record so we can all snicker, laugh or cry in 4 years.


The Republican Party is about to get exactly what it wants.

Predictions for 2008-2012:
1. The first recession in 26 years will last between 8 and 11 months and cause widespread dislocations specifically in housing.
2. Ford will declare bankruptcy. As will Citigroup. Both will survive but neither will recover. Four of the top 20 banks will fail or be forced into mergers to survive.
3. Obama will be sworn in as President in Jan 2009. Hillary and Bill will be divorced in 2010.
4. A series of 'minor' attacks on American soil (single bombers in crowded places) will focus Obama on terrorism....unfortunately, we will find that several of the bombers were illegals that got visas as part of the comprehensive reform passed and signed in 2009. Obama will seal the border with an overstep that will violate virtually the entire Constitution with the complete support of the American people and Congress.
5. The military withdrawal from Iraq begins to resemble a retreat under fire.
6. A small nuclear denotation in Iran signals Iran's entry into the nuclear club in early 2011.
7. Hezbolla attacks Israel from the West Bank, Gaza (with Hamas) and Lebannon using rockets, several of which will be chemical. Israeli government will fail and only the Iran nuclear threat prevents the US from doing anything to help. Assistance from a completely unexpected source keeps the country from falling.
8. Bankruptcies in the US hit 1.5 million in 2009 along with 2.5 million foreclosures.
9. The Democrats get a functional majority in the Senate in 2009 (with the help of several RINOs) and complete the hat trick with a functional majority in the House in 2010.
10. A major financial figure will expose one, maybe two flat out lies that the media had been reporting in financial matters that leads to a rout of the dollar on international markets. Only the complicity of the EU in the lie prevents the dollar from ouster as the currency of trade.
11. A chemical introduced into coca in South America spreads into the cocaine trade leading to thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of addicts having serious and permanent medical disabilities that WE will have to support.
12. A version of nationalized Medicare will be expanded to 50 and overs and pre-school aged children.
13. In 2011, after tax cuts that were put into place in 2003 expired, the Federal revenues decline for the first time in almost 40 years.

Why did this all happen? A candidate for office in Pakistan was murdered in December 2008.

I don't care if I am wrong on every single prediction. I don't care if I am right on every single prediction. I do care that the people currently running for President fail completely, and without exception, to understand the consequences of their actions and choices. Theology is running the Republican party right now. The day we thought God was on a side, was the day we lost our fight to keep freedom.

The Chinese were right: may you live in interesting times is a curse.

Tracy's law: Murphy was an optimist.

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