Friday, April 20, 2007

Reality has left the building...

I listen to Rush and Hannity. I listen to Air America. I am pretty sure the two groups are living on different planets...or at least in different universes.

I look at the housing market - mortgage lenders folding like chairs after a public hearing - and the steady increase in foreclosures; I look at the words coming out of people that watch the stock markets for a living and markets that apparently have no connection to those pundits.

I think of a dozen or so candidates for President that have raised over $125 million in the last
three months for their bids and the 70% increase in bankruptcy filings.

I see AG Gonzo testify before Congress and wonder, did he not know he was going to be testifying? I heard he was preparing for his testimony but they had to have been talking about someone else...cause that pod talking yesterday made less sense than an Elmo doll with a broken string.

I hear Harry Reid say that we have lost the war, when the only shots we seem to be firing are coming from some deranged idiot in Virginia.

Am I the only one caught in some reality vortex, unaffected but able to view the shifting, twisting, contradictory realities?

Or is the world actually just fine and I have lost my mind?

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