Monday, November 13, 2006

Green space

I snippet of conversation overheard:

"we are fast running out of greenspace...we need more aggressive action against the developers..."

If Texas had the population density of Manhattan NY, we could fit 17 billion people into Texas. In other words, one state in the United States could hold the entire population of the planet and their children, and probably their children's children.

How much greenspace do we need?



Etzel Pangloss said...

How crowded do we want to be?

we need alot of geen space.

tracy said...

The current population spread evenly across the entire land mass would be over 5 acres of land per person. Granted, much of the land is not usable by people (the polor regions, deserts, mountain peaks) but those areas do qualify as "green space".

In answer to your question about how crowded do we want to be, all you need to look at is the densities in major cities. Manhattan has a density of 32k per mile, and it can be significantly higher in certain areas. Tokyo and Hong Kong are well above those numbers but are geographically short of land to begin with.