Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Republican Congressmen that support ANYTHING but deportation for illegal immigrants because they might appear to be insensitive towards immigrants. Legal immigrants are disgusted that illegals are being treated with kid gloves and pandered to. Apparently, the only other group that is being coddled as much as illegal immigrants is convicted child-molesters.

Politicians that support a windfall-profits-tax as a response to high gas prices when for the last 20 years they have opposed virtually every attempt at increasing the level of production of fuel from domestic sources (which they have also opposed increasing).

The Left for failing to support this country and it's troops in a time of combat. That's right, failure to support the country and troops. Those troops are serving voluntarily and have been doing so in many cases by RE-ENLISTING. Those calling for the withdrawal are willing to let the people of other nations suffer under dictatorships. Don't bother bringing up any other country currently with a dictator unless you are SPECIFICALLY calling for us to commit troops and resources to their overthrow - which you are most emphatically NOT. If the passengers on United 93, faced with certain death, can do the right thing, then you in your comfortable homes and lives can either support the war on terror OR SHUT UP.

The ACLU for supporting the Westboro Baptist Church. The Phelps family leads the list of 'hate groups'.

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