Sunday, January 29, 2006

Civil War

I read 18 blogs daily. Some may find that excessive, or light. For the most part, they are conservative oriented. I try the liberal side regularly but I can't deal with the raving lunatics in the comments every day.

One blogger has an excellent piece in which he complains that Democrats are all Ahabs. Democrats can only see the world through a Bush hating looking glass. But all the conservatives see when looking at liberals is Bush hating. Is it really any different?

We are in a 'civil' war. No one is shooting guns at the otherside, but it has all the characteristics of a war. Verbal assaults are launched, from the MSM or blogsphere. Damage is assessed, skirmishes deemed won or lost. Neither side has the high ground, though both can and do claim it. (I purposely left out the word moral from that sentence and if you don't immediately understand may be a combatant).

Anyone caught even suggesting there might be some underlying truth to the position of the otherside is considered treasonous. Doubts among the faithful are quashed by a need to utterly defend their side from the overwhelming assault from opposition at any sign of weakness.

Frankly, I would have been blissfully unaware but for the bankruptcy law passage last year. Everything about the effort to pass that law was wrong. Hell, I agreed with and quoted TED KENNEDY. How many other laws and bills before the various democratic institutions in this country THAT DO NOT AFFECT ME IN ANYWAY, are flat out wrong? Are bad for the very people our representatives are sworn to protect?

In every war we have our Lt Calleys. Our Cindy Sheehans. They are nothing to be proud of or to dismiss as aberrations. War brings out the best, and worst of us. This 'civil' war we are in, blame it on Bush. Not because he is causing the war, but because he is like most moral people, a lightning rod for everyone that sees only shades of grey. Unfortunately for some, fortunately for most, he is the President. He would not gather such storms in a lesser position.

The few people that try to avoid the conflict, to engage in dialogue, are quickly marginalized or overwhelmed with verbal artillery. From my position safe far from the battlegrounds (the ten or so people that read this blog have been a quiet bunch), I can observe and comment. But further away, across oceans, others observe more closely and with less good will. 'Civil' war in the US is good for them and as long as we are distracted by each other, they will continue to wage their own not so civil wars.

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