Thursday, August 18, 2005

Opinion - The Future

Three items conspired to push this issue: the powers that be pushing on China to revalue the yuan; Cindy Sheehan; and Ohio's Governor Taft. Now, you might wonder what these three items may have in common? Political expediency.

First. When countries depend on the dollar for their economic wellbeing, they have a tendency to be more...pliable...when it comes American desires. Forcing the Chinese to revalue the yuan has pushed China away from a more involved position with regard to the US. The WSJ expounded upon this today and gave substance to my concern that our "insistence" that China revalue it's currency to make our trade deficit look better was extremely SHORTSIGHTED.

Second. Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war left continue to call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Mrs Sheehan (soon to be divorced from a husband that apparently disagrees with her as does much of her family) dishonors her son's sacrifice by using his death to drumbeat for withdrawal. Her son volunteered - after combat had started - to continue to serve in his country's military. Her dishonesty might be forgiven because of her grief, however, her apparent desire to engage with the anti-war left seems calculated. Both the anti-war movement and Mrs Sheehan are politically motivated and extremely SHORTSIGHTED.

Third. Ohio Governor Taft has been charged with taking gifts...frankly, it is a wonder that EVERY politician is not similarly charged...however, there is no doubt he will remain in office. Politicians of virtually every stripe and of every political party take "gifts". In polite circles it is called lobbying. Among most Americans, we call it graft. In the Bush administration (someone can correct me if I am wrong) we have seen very little of it compared to previous (R or D) administrations. But the bar was lowered considerably by a certain NJ governor that refused to resign after considerable ethical violations in order to retain political control. The fact that average America seems willing to give these guys a pass is...extremely SHORTSIGHTED.

It seems we have learned a lesson in the last 20 years or so...never consider for tomorrow what you can benefit from today....and extremely SHORTSIGHTED.

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